For the regiopolises in Germany, the following goals were specified through the initiative team of the Rostock regiopolis. The goals have been presented to the broad public at the first national regiopolis-forum 2009 in Rostock:

  • In the central local outline of Germany, the regiopolis is introduced as a new category for small cities beyond a metropolis with an outstanding upper central status in the extended metropolitan areas.
  • During the revision of the regional planning models the minister conference for spatial planning in the model of “growth and innovation” must take the role and significance of regiopolises in these extended metropolitan suburban zones into account
  • The status of regiopolises must receive particular attention in the federal-states fiscal equalization and in urban financial compensation.
  • In the regiopolises the political and economic decision-making and control functions of these economies are to be focused on
  • The potentials of innovation and competition in the regiopolis regions are to be used with respect to their endogenous strengths and opportunities in order to secure social and environmental needs with a sustainable economic growth.
  • The regiopolises take over the metropolitan cross-border gateway functions in national peripheral space in a multiplicative supplement.
  • Similar to the metropolis structure a German regiopolis network is to be created. As an advocacy of these growth cores with the aim to shape and develop their identity internally and to pool their national and international lobbying.